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The European Green Deal has the ambition to make EU’s economy sustainable. The European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK for short) is one of the tools deployed by the European Commission to achieve such an ambition. It is here to help European companies, especially SMEs, save resources (water, energy, waste) and engage in circular economy and industrial symbiosis. EREK provides tools, information and business opportunities demonstrating new and better ways to be resource efficient and benefit from circular economy business models which turn waste into assets.

EREK also supports industrial clusters, national, regional and local organisations across Europe that work with SMEs to improve their environmental performance, helping them to become more resource efficient.

An important tool within EREK is the knowledge base, which includes best practices illustrated by case studies and/or showcases. These best practices aim to improve the resource efficiency of companies, addressing both their direct operations and impacts across the whole value chain. Best practices have been developed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission for a number of industrial sectors, in close collaboration with experts and stakeholders, and will be enriched further by the EREK community – you can submit your contribution too!

The JRC will be instrumental in knowledge sharing and improving existing resources and tools available for EREK by supporting the review and validation process of the ECCP/EREK members’ submissions of their own resource efficiency solutions.

SMEs can get the following benefits thanks to EREK’s tools and services:

  • Access to knowledge on the best available technologies and business models
  • Better management of energy, water and material costs
  • Compliance checks for upcoming regulations
  • Become less dependent on suppliers
  • Demonstrate return on investment when adopting resource efficient measures
  • Information on funding sources and technology providers
  • Help building a green image which helps target new customer markets

EREK offers the following to SME intermediaries:

  • Tools and instruments for businesses to assess their savings potential
  • An opportunity to showcase their technologies
  • Access to top international knowledge, technical expertise and practices on resource efficiency
  • Overview of relevant support programmes available on European, national and regional levels
  • Updates on professional events within the community

Concrete activities include:

  • Online EREK platform
    • The European Resource Efficiency Knowledge base
    • European Resource Efficiency Self-Assessment Tool for SMEs
  • News, trends, and information on support programmes
  • Database and managed European network of the national and regional organisation providing support to SMEs in resource efficiency schemes
  • Capacity-building and training workshops
Resource efficiency partners
Resource efficiency partners

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EREK Charter
EREK Charter

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