13.09.2018 09:00 to 16:30
Ministry of Environment and Water, Central building
Knyaginya Maria Louisa 22

On Thursday 13th of September, the European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre held a workshop in Bulgaria on the topic of Resource efficiency in the tourism sector.

The workshop was interactive and present the competitiveness benefits of resource efficiency for the tourism sector. As such, it addressed the tools and practical steps to achieving resource and financial savings, how to successfully support businesses to become resource efficient, and the national and European programmes/instruments for resource efficiency in the tourism sector (e.g. EMAS, EU Ecolabel).

The objective of the workshop was to enable the sharing of knowledge/ expertise on sustainable and competitive tourism practices, as well as programmes that are aimed at encouraging companies in the tourism sector to become resource efficient.

The event was participatory and focuses on learning, enabling actors to gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of past and current programmes and company cases.

The main group of participants consisted of business intermediaries, companies and public organisations, such as: industry associations relevant to the tourism sector, chambers of commerce, national ministry/agencies of tourism, regional authorities, municipalities, NGOs, resource efficiency experts, frontrunner companies in resource efficiency, companies interested to implement resource efficient measures, and other individuals/organisations interested in the topic of resource efficiency in the tourism sector.

The workshop will be co-hosted by Technopolis-Group and the Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE).

The agenda can be found in the file below.

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