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Better heating system for storing liquids

Better heating system for storing liquids
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Energy, Carbon
Chemical and process engineering
High cost
Annual saving:
Payback time:
4.7 Year(s)
Resource savings: Energy:
6 930 GJ per year
Associated cost savings: Energy:
Total cost savings:
Savings in energy of € 69 552 and operating costs of € 1 091 a year
Premises and operation areas:
Production processes
Size of company:
Large (more than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

Long overdue upgrade yields huge savings

  • Upgrading the 30-year-old liquid storage heating system saves nearly € 70 000 in energy costs annually
  • The significant € 335 000 investment could be recuperated in under 5 years

Rubber manufacturer from the Czech Republic implemented an energy-saving project to replace its steam heating system for liquid storage by a more efficient electric unit.

The liquid-storage facility was last renovated in the early 1980s. The old steam-heated pipes were customary of that time and subject to frequent leaks and breakdowns, leading to heat loss and repairs costing around € 1 500 a year. The system was difficult to maintain, control and measure. The new electric-heated cables and themorstat allow greater control (+5°C range).

Key benefits

The new electric-heated liquid storage system cost Synthos around € 335 000, but the yearly energy savings of around 6 930 GJ generated energy cost savings of some € 70 000 annually. The new heating system also reduced operating costs by € 1 000 per year. Combined savings mean the payback period could be compressed to 4.7 years.

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