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Employees engage in a German SME's environmental policy

Employees engage in a German SME's environmental policy
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Undercover energy agents

  • German SME effectively combines HR development and resource protection
  • Workshops and programmes benefit the company and the environment while improving employee motivation

Human resource development and measures to protect resources and the environment can often go hand in hand. Special training projects and workshops with an environmental focus can be tailored so that staff not only learn about energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, waste recycling etc., but also how to implement the measures and become active contributors to green design and resource-saving processes. Engaged employees are more motivated to publish environmental hints or tips on the intranet, to act as ‘undercover energy agents’ and to share with colleagues their knowledge about resource saving.

Mader GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-sized enterprise in Germany specialising in compressed air and pneumatics, has implemented such a programme for its trainees. The company organised workshops on environmental sustainability and measures that can save the company money in the meantime.

Key results

A number of workshops have been organised to raise environmental awareness and action. These include topics such as energy efficiency, carbon reduction measures, fuel saving, waste streams, drinking water, environmentally friendly washing, and so on. The programme proved that resource saving and human resource development can be mutually beneficial, as those participating were also more engaged in the company while learning greener work practices and often improving their social and team-working skills.

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