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Energy analysis identifies big savings in industrial SME company

Energy analysis identifies big savings in industrial SME company
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High cost
Annual saving:
470 - 10300€
Payback time:
0 - 2.5 Year(s)
Resource savings: Energy:
Energy savings ca. 400 MWh/a
Co2 emission reduction:
80 t/a
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:
100 - 26000€

The SME top five

  • Analysis identifies where savings can be gained in an SME
  • Five actions including better use of automation and simple lighting changes were proposed

Finnish engineering SME Kaso performs welding, painting and energy-intensive jobs using pneumatic tools. At the beginning of 2018, the company carried out an energy audit following a new two-step model for industrial SMEs. The audit revealed new targets for energy saving.

The company already benefited from an industrial energy audit implemented in 2013, and which identified some initial measures to get its efficiency programme started. Kaso continued to build on this work and believed there would be only moderate gains from measures proposed in the second audit.

However, the audit revealed clear targets for continued energy saving. The top five actions were:

  • Closing the outlet damper on the second burner chamber of the furnace
  • Fixing compressed air leaks
  • Automation in powder coating line
  • Mounting of LED lighting in the third plant area
  • Instalment of a roll-up door between dispatch and packing departments

At the end of the audit, it was decided to implement some of the savings measures immediately and some of the actions are being considered. One of the measures to be implemented is the powder coating line automation, which saves electricity and heat.

Key impact

Before focusing on energy efficiency Kaso’s energy costs were € 200 000. Every company spending this much on energy should carry out an energy audit. Suitable targets for energy saving are bound to be found. 


"We were positively surprised that the audit revealed again easy actions to save energy worth thousands of euros without any investments. We received a handy listing of targets where improvements should be carried out. In addition, we refreshed our viewpoints and got small investment suggestions which will save energy and pay themselves back quickly. The proposed actions will help us save tens of thousands of euros in energy annually." -- Risto Palkama, Deputy Managing Director of Kaso

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