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Energy awareness and positive involvement at Finnish dairy

Energy awareness and positive involvement at Finnish dairy
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The activities have increased the company energy efficiency (exact savings not reported)
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Multiple actions, one goal... save energy!

  • Arla Oy organises yearly energy awareness-raising actions involving the entire organisation
  • The campaigns communicate energy saving potential in everyday work while promoting a positive atmosphere

Arla Oy is a Finnish milk processing plant and subsidiary of the Swedish-Danish Arla Foods. Energy saving is an important theme in the company's overall environmental goals. For several years now, Arla has organised an energy awareness campaign alongside the national Energy Awareness Week.

The themes and implementation of the campaign varies every year, but the goal stays the same: to engage the whole organisation in energy saving activities. Lectures, posters, tips and other practical energy saving themes have been explored, from switching off lights to using compressed air sparingly.

One year, an energy saving quiz was created which raised awareness of a range of measures and ideas, including concepts like 'best available technologies' (BAT) for limiting pollutant discharges and other company energy saving goals. The campaign in 2017 even brought up some work safety aspects parallel to energy saving themes.

Key benefits

The campaigns have effectively communicated the company’s energy saving goals to employees, helping to put them into practice. Energy awareness has grown and now the whole organisation actively works towards more energy efficient practices.


“Saving energy is a central theme in our company’s environmental goals, and the Energy Awareness Week has been an excellent way to communicate these goals and to keep them in people’s minds, and implement them in practice, by increasing employees’ awareness, knowledge and everyday actions to save energy.” - Tuire Seppänen, QEHS Specialist at Arla Oy

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