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Energy awareness theme week helps tech-services firm meet energy goals

Energy awareness theme week helps tech-services firm meet energy goals
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Involve everyone and see the results!

  • Metso implemented an organisation-wide energy saving theme week to engage everyone in boosting energy efficiency in daily work
  • The campaign activated employees and energy saving efforts were also noticed by customers and stakeholders

Metso is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. A few years ago Metso arranged an Energy Saving Week to encourage all staff to work together in meeting company-wide energy efficiency goals.

The theme week was made as tangible and individually relevant as possible to engage people. Goals were set which all employees could relate to; things that everyone can do to help boost energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary consumption. Small steps can deliver significant results when the whole company is involved.

Daily themes included electricity, water, heat recovery and heating, commuting, and material efficiency in the office and production environment. Materials and tips on these themes were updated on the company’s intranet via a dedicated Energy Saving Week page.

Other campaign media included a service where everybody could pass their own saving tips on to others and an open-access Conscience Diary, where employees could enter their personal energy saving experiences. Metso employees were reminded of the theme week by posters.

Key benefits

  • The employees got excited about the topic and became actively involved, and there was a lot of positive feedback afterwards. The messages and the daily themes were successful in involving everyone and making the energy saving theme easy to grasp.
  • Social media was also utilised to maintain the Energy Saving Week theme on Twitter and Facebook, and the Social Responsibility section of Metso's external website was activated to deliver positive messages to customers and stakeholders about Metso's energy saving efforts.

“The ideology of the Energy Saving Week corresponds closely with Metso's own energy efficiency goals and programme [to] reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in our own production by 15 per cent before 2015 and by 20 per cent before 2020. Running the theme week was part of our effort to achieve the corporate goal. The Energy Saving Week [was] an efficient way to communicate what we believe at Metso. At the same time, it spread the message ... on energy efficiency throughout the corporation, irrespective of the country.” - Laura Kantanen, Metso's Sustainable Development Team


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