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Energy overhaul in a printing facility

Energy overhaul in a printing facility
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Energy, Carbon
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High cost
Payback time:
2 - 3 Year(s)
Resource savings: Energy:
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions decreased by 20 %
Total cost savings:
The life cycle savings of the investment are projected to rise to approximately € 4.4 million
Premises and operation areas:
Office building, Production building
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Smart systems to control energy 

  • Extensive energy efficiency renovation in printing plant including artificial intelligence to control the new systems
  • Modernisation of plant managed to significantly cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Sanomala printing plant is in Vantaa, Finland and it is one of the largest printing facilities in northern Europe. It is owned by the Swedish real estate investment company AB Sagax, with Sanoma Group as tenant. Sanomala prints two of Finland’s leading newspapers from Sanoma Group, and several print products for external customers.

The area of the property is approximately 53 000 m2 and the annual energy consumption in electricity and heating is 24 000 MWh. The temperature and humidity of the property must remain exactly within the guideline values so that the newsprint runs smoothly over the long production line. In a challenge dating back to 1977, maintaining these limits was always a challenge.

In 2017, LeaseGreen, a Finnish company specialised in building energy modernisation, started an extensive energy overhaul at Sanomala’s properties. During the project, the building automation and ventilation systems were renewed. Among other things, artificial intelligence was introduced to control the smart new systems. The energy overhaul improved conditions within the facility, while energy consumption and CO2 emissions decreased by 20 %.

Key benefits

  • Energy consumption and CO2 emissions decreased by 20 %
  • The energy overhaul also improved the printing conditions in the facility
  • Predicted savings thanks to the refit are € 4.4 million over the investment’s life cycle

“Graphs were already indicating a downward trend before the winter. We will achieve savings of 15–20 % in our energy consumption during this first heating season alone, even though some of the systems were only completed at the beginning of 2018.” -- Jarmo Viitanen, Real Estate Manager of Sanoma Group

Our financial and responsibility goals go hand-in-hand in Sanomala. We have achieved a significant cut in the printing facility’s emissions through an investment that will pay for itself in two to three years. For every euro we have spent on energy efficiency we will get back five euros, with the added bonus of a much-reduced carbon footprint.” -- Ville Jokela, Head of Real Estate of Sanoma Group

“Sanomala is a great example of a Finnish production facility where an energy overhaul is having a direct impact on competitiveness. Energy efficiency is a smart investment that pays for itself.” -- Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen

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