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Environmental management system at Spanish printer

Environmental management system at Spanish printer
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Materials, Waste
All sectors
High cost
Resource savings: Raw material:
Significant decrease in hazardous substance use; ecological and recycled paper in the printing process reduces standard paper use by 75 %
Resource savings: Waste:
Reduced paper waste by 19 %
Associated cost savings: Raw material:
13 - 67%
Associated cost savings: Waste:
Premises and operation areas:
Office management, Product and design, Production processes, Waste and recycling
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
Intermediate, Advanced

'Una mas' benefit thanks to EMAS...

  • EMAS practices and eco-design principles delivered solid results for printer
  • Results included less toxic chemicals used, energy savings and huge increase in recycled paper use

El Tinter in Spain is specialised in offset printing books, magazines, catalogues and all kinds of colour printed products. After implementing its eco-management and audit system (EMAS), the firm was able to decrease its use of various hazardous substances:

  • Photolithographic materials (13 %)
  • Dry ink (67 %)
  • Developers (38 %) 

Key benefits

El Tinter's efforts to improve overall environment management and performance delivered a number of savings. Thanks to the use of ecological and recycled paper in the printing process, consumption of standard 'virgin' paper was reduced by 75 %. The company also reduced energy consumption by 0.85 %. Furthermore, the printer has implemented new eco-design procedures and published a catalogue related to eco-design principles and practices.

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