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Improved recycling process through employee training

Improved recycling process through employee training
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Waste and recycling
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A culture of sustainable thinking

  • Training programme encourages staff to think in a more sustainable way
  • Housekeepers learn about correct ways for waste segregation
  • Low-cost measure which can bring high results in terms of hotel waste management

The Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, Spain has been environmentally friendly since 2013 when it first received a green label. Hotel staff took part in workshops promoting sustainable housekeeping and stewarding, and for employees to think about the environment and well-being.

Key benefits

Apart from the environmental benefits of activities like correct waste sorting, and other low-cost but high-impact sustainability actions, the idea behind the training was also to create a sustainability culture in the hotel based on clear and consistent messages and approaches communicated to staff taking part in the workshops.


“Recycling is a process whose objective is to convert waste into new products or material for later use. Thanks to recycling, the [wasting] of potentially useful materials is prevented, the consumption of new raw materials is reduced, as well as reducing the use of energy and air pollution.” -- Translated message sent to Hilton Diagonal Mar staff as part of their sustainability training 

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