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Input-output analysis helps Czech furniture company save energy and materials

Input-output analysis helps Czech furniture company save energy and materials
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Timber and woodworking
High cost
Annual saving:
Payback time:
5.5 Year(s)
Resource savings: Raw material:
Savings in steel consumption (steel and stainless steel pipes)
Associated cost savings: Raw material:
Premises and operation areas:
Production processes
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

The true value of data 

  • TOP 20 analysis reveals a major disconnect between physical and financial operations
  • New machinery and systems installed to counter material losses and improve energy management 

A TOP 20 input-output analysis was carried out in a furniture company from the Czech Republic to identify the potential for energy and material savings. The company produces metal and upholstered pieces for a range of applications and has about 50 employees.

TOP 20 has been widely used in cleaner production projects since the 1990s. It is now an integral part of the 'Eco-innovation Diagnosis and Implementation Tool for increase of enterprise Value' (EDIT Value) developed within PRESOURCE project. EDIT Value, including updated TOP 20, was piloted in 18 companies and six European countries.

At the start of the process, the company's biggest challenge was lack of data. It started to monitor material workflows better and identified financial losses associated with steel and stainless steel pipes amounting to some 4 % of annual turnover.

Key results

Thanks to the monitoring exercise, the company had sufficient data to make decisions about its production. This led to a modernisation programme, including new machinery, which resulted in savings of € 213 000 per year with a payback period of 5.5 years.

The company recognised the importance of regular monitoring and linking physical and financial information, so management decided to introduce a material flows and energy management system as well.


"We were not thinking about resource efficiency before, however we recognised its importance for our company after applying the tool."

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