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Lighting system based on LED technology at August Koopmann GmbH

Lighting system based on LED technology at August Koopmann GmbH
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Annual saving:
Resource savings: Energy:
75 000 kWh per year
Return on investment:

Fresh light on the fine print

  • A full lighting system refit made a big difference at August Koopmann
  • Yearly savings of around 75 000 kWh in power, 67 % less!
  • € 10 500 saved per year, and an ROI of 28 %

August Koopmann GmbH is a medium-sized printing company which prides itself on its quality in a competitive sector.

In a bid to improve its environment and overall offer, the German firm changed all the lighting in its 3 500 m2 production centre to energy efficient LED.

Attention to detail in printing is important, so new efficient lighting systems, which were also employed for machinery, workplaces and storage, had to deliver high-quality luminescence.

Key benefits

Altogether, the existing system with 800 fluorescent tubes was replaced by 350 low-energy but efficient systems based on LED technology. The measure resulted in energy savings of 75 000 kWh per year for the lighting, which means a reduction of about 67 %.

The cost savings gained by the measure are € 10 500 per year. The return on investment in this case yielded an impressive 28 %.


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