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Portuguese hotel turns to renewable energy

Portuguese hotel turns to renewable energy
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Energy, Water, Carbon
Hotel and restaurant
High cost
Annual saving:
Resource savings: Energy:
Wood-chip boilers save € 70 000 a year on electricity and € 120 000 on heating
Associated cost savings: Energy:
Premises and operation areas:
Production building, Product and design
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Full marks for energy

  • Hotel's clear focus on resource efficiency and the environment paves way for great results
  • 100 % of its power is generated by renewable energy sources

Owners of the Hotel Rural Vale do Rio in rural Portugal had a vision to design, build and run a sustainable welcoming hotel. 

The goal was not just to save on energy and resource use, and to help the environment, but also because of an unsual historical legacy on the chosen construction site – a field which already had a small hydro-generator and sluice in place.

Today, the hotel is 100 % powered by renewable and sustainable energy sources, including electricity needs, the air-conditioning system and for all heating requirements on-site.

Key results

In addition to the mini-hydro plant, the property is equipped with two biomass boilers, solar panels, photovoltaics, an absorption chiller, and a vegetable oil/biodiesel engine.

The owners have implemented an energy management system to minimise heat, electricity and water consumption as well. For example, regulators are installed in all rooms to save water.

The biggest benefit to the hotel comes from the wood-chip boilers which save around € 70 000 a year on electricity and € 120 000 on heating.


"Nowadays, we have to think about the future. As we know, climate change is not a myth, it is happening; it affects everything, water, food, air…" -- Hotel Rural Vale do Rio 

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