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Re-designed minced meat packaging brings savings

Materials, Waste, Carbon
Food processing
High cost
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Resource savings: Raw material:
The vacuum pack uses 50 % less packaging material compared to the traditional minced meat packaging
Resource savings: Waste:
The innovation reduces packaging waste by 250 000 kg, equivalent to 12 million plastic bags
Associated cost savings: Raw material:
Co2 emission reduction:
30 % reduction of the carbon footprint compared to the traditional packaging
Size of company:
Large (more than 250)

Clever packing, bigger savings

  • Finnish meat processor innovates to save money and cut waste in packaging
  • Easy-to-open vaccuum packs improves quality while saving on materials

In 1992, the meat and food company Atria Finland brought packaged minced meat to stores. Now, 25 years later, Atria, in cooperation with packaging company Wipak, re-designed the minced meat packaging to make it more convenient, functional and responsible.

Its re-designed minced meat packaging, an easy-to-open vacuum pack, is an excellent example of combining environmental aspects with usability in food packaging.

Atria Easy-Open vacuum pack launched in the Finnish market in February 2017. The system uses over 50 % less packaging material compared to traditional minced meat packaging. By introducing a new type of packaging, Atria can save 250 000 kilogrammes of plastic per year - the same amount needed to make 12 million plastic bags. In transportation, this means a reduction in the amount of material transport by 90 full trailers per year. The innovative packaging also improves the shelf life of the minced meat, which reduces food waste.

Key benefits

  • The vacuum pack uses 50 % less packaging material compared to the traditional minced meat packaging
  • 30 % reduction of the carbon footprint compared to the traditional minced meat packaging
  • Less food waste in the shop and at home, the meat stays fresher for longer in a tightly sealed pack
  • The packaging leads to a 250 000 kg reduction in packaging waste, which is equivalent to 12 million plastic bags
  • 90 % less space is needed for transportation and storage of the product
  • Used packaging produces heat and electricity in the waste incinerator
  • No packaging gases
  • Product's sales and usage time is 1-3 days longer compared to traditionally packed minced meat

“It is not necessary to give up of plastic completely, you have to start using it properly.” -- Aaro Mäkimattila, Atria's Packaging Development Manager


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