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Replacing old coal boiler with more efficient gas unit

Replacing old coal boiler with more efficient gas unit
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Energy, Carbon
Manufacturing of machinery and equipment
High cost
Annual saving:
10 - 12% / 65849€
Payback time:
5.4 Year(s)
Resource savings: Energy:
4 394 GJ per year
Associated cost savings: Energy:
Total cost savings:
Energy cost savings of € 48 733 per year; operating costs reduced by € 17 116 annually
Premises and operation areas:
Production processes
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:

Out with the old and in with the new...

  •  Measures costing € 360 000 lower energy consumption and save some € 50 000 annually
  •  Infrared heaters in production area reduce related energy consumption by at least 10 %

UNICORN-ESK in Slovakia is a mechanical engineering firm specialising in welded and machined parts. As an energy-intenstive sector, management explored ways to modernise its heat production, distribution, and related energy use across the property.

After some research, the company decided to replace the oversized and outdated coal-fired boiler with more efficient solutions for different applications, including highly efficient localised condensing boilers in the offices and sanitary block, and gas-fueled infrared heaters in the production area. The welding room and painting box are also now fitted with natural gas-fired air handling units to extract bad air from the building and draw fresh air from outside.

Key results

Thanks to the measures, which cost € 360 000, the company lowered energy consumption by 4 394 GJ a year, saving some € 50 000 while reducing operating costs by € 17 000 per year.

The infrared heaters alone reduce heating energy consumption by at least 10 % compared to the hot-air, wall-mounted units previously used. UNICORN-ESK estimates that the total investment can be paid back in 5.4 years.


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