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Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies

Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
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Materials, Water
All sectors, Office and administration
Low cost
Annual saving:
0 - 8%
Payback time:
0 - 0.5 Year(s)
Resource savings: Water:
10 000 m3 less water needed to dissolve for 1 000 litres of cleaner
Payback time:
Eco-labelled cleaner (i.e. Blaue Engel in Germany) can be cheaper than conventional products, so the savings are immediate
Size of company:
Micro (less than 10), Small (less than 50), Medium (less than 250), Large (more than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Green, clean and surprisingly lean on the budget

  • Green cleaning products cost 7 % less than conventional products per 1 000 litres used
  • Less water is needed to dillute and dissolve green cleaners compared to conventional products  

OEKO Institute in Germany has assessed the benefits of using eco-labelled cleaning products (i.e. Blaue Engel certified) typically used in households or other properties trying to use greener alternatives.

According to OEKO's calculations, switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products can be done at little or no additional costs compared to conventional multipurpose products.  

Key benefits

OEKO estimated that 1 000 litres of 'green' cleaning liquid costs € 2 less than regular chemical cleaners (€ 23 instead of € 25), representing a 7 % saving.

Cleaning products need to be dilluted in water for plants to be able to properly dissolve them after they have been used. Green products require a lot less water to achieve this. For example, 1 000 litres of conventional multipurpose cleaner needs 28 000 m3 of water to be dissolved. Environmentally friendly alternatives require 10 000 m3 less water to remove the toxic effects of 1 000 litres of cleaning fluid used, making it not only cheaper but also much better for the environment and more resource efficient.

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