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The world's first city hotel with zero energy balance

The world's first city hotel with zero energy balance
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Energy, Water
Hotel and restaurant
High cost
Resource savings: Energy:
110 000 kWh/year in the original building, 110 000kWh/per year after renovation
Resource savings: Water:
76 l per guest (original building), 65 l per guest incl. laundry after renovation
Associated cost savings: Energy:
Associated cost savings: Water:
Premises and operation areas:
Office building
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
Intermediate, Advanced

Pioneering eco-hotel in Austria

  • 130 m2 of solar panels supply electricity and energy to power the hotel and heat the facility’s water
  • Rhe well in the garden supplies hotel toilets with water

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is an eco-friendly hotel in Vienna supplied by renewable energy and with lavender roof garden. In 2002, the owner renovated the building and it became the first city hotel with a zero energy balance.

The hotel heating uses water heated by a 130 m2 solar energy plant. A groundwater heating pump, three wind wheels and photovoltaic plant, covering more than 80 m2, create more energy than the hotel can use.

The filling of toilet flushing tanks and watering of the garden are done through a rainwater collection system. The air-conditioning system is fed by a solar energy plant, and during the summer the building can be cooled by cold groundwater which is pumped through the concrete ceiling. Energy consumption is also reduced through the use of energy-saving LED and lighting systems.

Green vines and the lavender garden insulate the hotel while creating an aesthetically pleasing view. During the harvest season, lavender is collected to create sachets.

In January and February of 2014, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts, the hotel completely renovated seven guest rooms useing upcycling approaches. Firewood was converted into coffee tables, books became nightstands, and newspapers became footrests.

Key impacts

The hotel's sustainability has been awareded the EU Ecolabel which increased its competitiveness. Other sustainable actions and impacts include:

  • The hotel opened the 'Green Guest Club' - a loyalty programme which allows regular guests to collect points (e.g. 10 % discount for all guests arriving by train or bicycle)
  • People can try out a night in the passive house belonging to the hotel
  • Organic breakfast is served in the garden during the summer
  • Only hybrid taxis are used for guests
  • Strict separation of waste and ongoing training for all staff members
  • Cleaning supplies are bio-degradable



“With the adoption of the EU Ecolabel, we began to build an international reputation as a sustainable and trusted hotel. This reputation steadily solidified as an increasing number of suppliers approached us with their eco-friendly products, ready to become partners. Thanks to this, our market expanded to the point where we now welcome international eco-friendly travellers on a regular basis." -- Boutiquehotel Stadthalle


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