Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry
7 Akadimias str.
Contact person:
Ms Eleni – Stella Starra, M.Sc Marketing and Communication, Head of European Affairs Department.

Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (A.C.C.I.) operates as one of the government's key advisors on issues related to trade, industry and the country's economic development policy. This mission is determined by the applicable laws, as well as the successful interventions and practices during the long course since its foundation.

The confluence of these two factors has established the reputation the A.C.C.I. in both the government and the productive forces as one of the most authoritative advisory bodies for decision making and the orderly operation of the country’s economic activities.

In practicing its activities the A.C.C.I. aims at:

  • the encouragement and support, to the greatest possible extent, of private business initiative
  • the removal of deterrents of all types which may impede the undertaking of productive initiatives
  • the establishment of appropriate conditions for the attraction and promotion of new investment
  • the promotion of the competitiveness in the Greek economy.

A.C.C.I. organizes and promotes qualitative and efficient educational programs for its member companies.

Submits proposals on various professional training programs and implements the actions required.

Organizes seminars for company executives training on important issues such as marketing, sales, human resources management and environment, etc.

In addition, A.C.C.I., through its initiatives and its participation in national and international networks to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, seeks to disseminate to its member companies that Responsible Entrepreneurship and the implementation of the principles of Sustainable Development is not a side-by-side activity, but part of the hard core of business perception, initiative and action.


The A.C.C.I. is today the largest Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greece and has more than 80,000 companies as members.

Support services:
Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Guides, handbooks, information material, Training
Resource expertise:
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste
Sectoral expertise:
All sectors