Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE)

Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE)
post box 1336, Ljulin 6 mikro district, bloc 624, entr. G, app. 126
1000 Sofia
Contact person:
Nikolay Sidjimov, executive director

BAMEE is a non-profit national association of environmental professionals - municipal environmental experts, engineers in Bulgarian municipalities, companies and other NGOs, consultants, and other interested parties. BAMEE is a professional organization dedicated to the preservation of the environment, through the creation and promotion of sustainable, municipal environmental policy. BAMEE works to enhance and improve the environmental system at local and national level. BAMEE is promoting eco-initiatives, innovative solutions, and expertise, including for SMEs working in the field of the environment or companies that need support in solving environmental problems. BAMEE has implemented several projects in the field of resource efficiency and circular economy in the past.

Support services:
Best practices, Calculators, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Training
Resource expertise:
Materials, Water, Waste
Sectoral expertise:
Construction, Hotel and restaurant, Office and administration, Service sector, Textile and clothing, Waste management and recycling