National Institute for Circular Economy (INEC)

National Institute for Circular Economy (INEC)
174 rue du Temple
75003 Paris
Contact person:
Marline Weber, Legal and European affairs officer

The National Institute for Circular Economy is a multi-stakeholder organization which aims to promote the circular economy and improve resource efficiency in a collaborative process. Founded in 2013 by François-Michel Lambert, it is composed of more than 200 members, public and private organizations: companies, federations, communities, institutions, associations, schools and universities.

The diversity of its members makes it possible to develop a holistic vision of the circular economy, considering all economic, social and environmental issues. French reference for the circular economy, the Institute’s actions are mainly structured around 4 axes: leading reflection (leading working groups, conducting studies), advocacy (European and legal affairs), implementation (partnership agreements, sharing of good practices, specific support for territories and training) and promotion of the circular economy and resource efficiency (general public awareness, events and animation of circular economy platforms).

Support services:
Best practices, Guides, handbooks, information material, Self assessment and benchmarking tools, Training
Resource expertise:
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste, Carbon
Sectoral expertise:
Construction, Food processing, Office and administration, Textile and clothing, Waste management and recycling