South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA)

South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA)
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Contact person:
Mr. Zsolt Pálmai

STRIA is a regional innovation agency operating in Hungary. The Agency was established in 2008, it has innovation-competitiveness focus on development issues related to the development challenges of the undeveloped region of South

Transdanubia. STRIA as an innovation agency has special interest in SME development, capacity building, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Linked to all mentioned fields raising funds for public and private (including market actors) plays important role. In accordance with the above written, the Agency runs several cross-border, transnational and interregional projects in the mentioned fields, supporting especially regional renewable energy and energy efficiency issues. The Agency is a non-profit body that – besides state-funded and EU granted projects – occasionally appear as service provider on the market towards regional public bodies, local/county governments and other various organisations in the region. The Agency has wide scale contacts with the regional innovation actors: universities, SMEs, clusters, enterprise centres and chambers.

Support services:
Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Guides, handbooks, information material
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