Training staff to improve energy efficiency

Training staff to improve energy efficiency
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Energy, Carbon
All sectors
Medium cost
Annual saving:
5 - 15 %
Payback time:
1 - 2 Year(s)
Resource savings: Water:
Training staff on how to cut energy in different parts of the office or production facilities can generate 5-15 % energy savings depending on the size of the enterprise and its workload
Associated cost savings: Energy:
5 - 15%
Payback time:
Depending on the use of gained knowledge and good practices the cost spent for training can be recovered within one to two years
Co2 emission reduction:
100-200 tonnes per year, depending on the size of the enterprise and its workload
Premises and operation areas:
Office management, Office building, Production building, Production processes, Supply operations, Waste and recycling
Size of company:
Micro (less than 10), Small (less than 50), Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
One off investment:
500 - 3000€
What is in it for you:
Cost and energy savings boost the competitive edge and image of your company.
Descriptive information:

Organisations in both the public and private sectors are increasingly aware of the need to train staff in energy efficient behaviour and operations. SMEs are beginning to follow suit, realising that the cost of training staff about energy efficiency is balanced by operational savings, improved competitive edge and image with customers and investors, and the positive effect on the environment. Saving electricity by switching off lights and turning down thermostats is a good start. Smart energy saving devices, better insulation and a host of other energy performance measures and tools can save energy and improve a company’s bottom line.

Training and educating staff on simple energy saving best practices, outlined in the company ‘energy handbook’, is the key to a successful transition.

Activities in this field may include:

  • Creating a handbook guiding employees on the most effective energy efficiency measures
  • Organising obligatory training, workshops, and seminars (either by your energy manager, a specialised energy consultant or through EU projects on sustainability) to present new mechanisms in energy efficiency
  • Organising study tours and best practice visits for staff to enterprises where similar measures have been taken
  • Presenting figures showing the company’s energy savings and efficiency so the benefits of training and staff efforts are clearly seen
  • Promoting your company and staff as energy efficient and responsible to improve its green image or credentials



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