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EREK Quarterly #2- Ecodesign: Get off to a good start in the Circular Economy

Posted on: 15.01.2019
by The EREK team

Eco-design is a way of making products environmentally friendly from the design up, by incorporating environmental aspects into the planning, development and design process stages of a product, and to implement them over its entire life cycle. Although it aims primarily at delivering environmental and economic benefits, companies are encouraged to consider the social dimension of eco-design and product development as well.

Environmentally-aware product development also positively influences the resource- and cost efficiency of a product during its lifetime. In fact, most manufacturing costs are determined in this vital product development stage, establishing their suitability for assembly, disassembly, repair and maintenance, as well as for recycling. Resource-efficient production, which inherently saves energy and materials through smarter processes, lightweight alternatives, etc., and thus cuts manufacturing costs but also those associated with disposal or recycling at the end of a product’s primary useful life.

In this second edition of EREK Quarterly we provide an overview of Design for Remanufacturing, inspiration to Business Support Organisations (interview with UCM), practical examples from companies, information on support offered by government, and a host  of other relevant tips and information.

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