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Join the U-START programme for innovative startups until the 31st of may

Posted on: 06.05.2019
by The Erek Team

Calling all Circular Economy startups!

Veolia Germany, in partnership with EIT RawMaterials, is accepting applications from innovative circular economy startups in the fields of recycling and upcycling, open for submissions until May 31st, 2019.


The U-START Programme: Kickstart your startup with Veolia

The U-START program is the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to kick-start their venture through the close support of Veolia.

Based on the principle of cooperation, U-START is an initiative of Veolia Germany, looking to support innovative startups focusing on circular economy, climate protection and resource efficiency in order to support their commercial viability. Until the current call, U-START has led completed 12 cooperative projects through 7 different calls, with up to 4 startups being accepted per call.

As the seventh U-START campaign, in partnership with EIT RawMaterials, gets underway, Veolia is looking for the following sustainable topics:

  1. Innovative recycling concepts for electronic waste (PCB, Li-ion batteries etc.)
  2. Alternative upcycling valorisation routes for secondary products (Recycled paper, glass fibre composites, recycled carbon fibres etc.)
  3. New technologies for sorting and recycling composite materials (Mixed plastic products and metal-plastic composites)

Wondering whether you’re eligible? These are the requirements:

  • Entrepreneur, Innovator or company with a venture at an early stage of its development, capable of providing the basis for a viable new business
  • Entrepreneurs being committed to their venture on a full-time basis
  • Commitment to relocate key staff to Veolia’s startup camp in Berlin during the programme’s duration

Why join the U-START programme?

  • #globalplayer: Team up with the world leader in energy and resource efficiency services for municipalities & industries.
  • #seedfunding: Benefit from up to 100 000 € to test your solution
  • #collaboration: Develop your project in a co-creation mode with our experts.
  • #testing: Test your solution on one of our > 200 industrial sites in Germany.
  • #scaleup: Deploy your solution on the German market with our commercial teams.
  • #market: Accelerate access to global market through Veolia network.

What does the application procedure entail?

  • April 1st to May 31st: Application period
  • June 3rd - June 14th: Internal evaluation phase of all applications
  • Last week of June: First feedback on your application - we will let you know if you are eligible for the next round
  • Beginning of September: Veolia Startup Village in Hamburg - where selected applicants will pitch their ideas in front of Veolia experts (about ten startups are invited)
  • After the Startup Village: In case you get chosen (second selection round), you will elaborate a concrete joint innovation project with mentors from Veolia and EIT RawMaterials
  • Around the end of October 2019: Final pitch in front of top managers from Veolia and EIT RawMaterials - winners will be announced!

Interested? Find out more about the call for applications here, and apply for this opportunity at this link.