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Eco-Innovation LT+

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Financial support
Target group:
Energy, Waste, Carbon
Where is this support available:

Eco-Innovation LT+ encourages micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to install eco-innovative technology to reduce the adverse effects of climate change and the greenhouse effect.

Financed activities of Eco-Innovation LT+ include:

  • Investing in tangible assets that reduce the negative environmental effects of economic activity, promote industrial symbiosis and promote a sustainable environment
  • Modifying existing production equipment to improve process efficiency and reduce pollution
  • Modifying technology and treatment processes to reduce pollution and consumption of natural resources during production
  • Replacing existing raw materials or auxiliaries with low-toxicity, renewable or more durable alternatives
  • Modifying qualities of a product to reduce its environmental effects during consumption or after landfilling, or to reduce the environmental effects of producing it
  • Reusing production waste in the same process that generated it or for other purposes or products within the company

Programme budget is € 86.8 million.