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Energy-saving guide for the clothing industry

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The SESEC project has developed a guide and energy-saving methodology for companies in the European clothing industry.

The objectives set out by the project were: 

  • To develop, test and offer an energy-efficiency tool for clothing production, made up of guidelines and web-based applications suitable for SMEs and large companies
  • To maximise the project impact, by transferring its results to the sector through EURATEX members and interested companies
  • To offer training and support to companies, helping them implement cost-effective energy-saving measures
  • To improve opportunities for energy efficiency across the whole European clothing industry 

The SESEC Platform, which is offered in multiple languages, helps clothing companies to introduce energy-efficiency measures through a series of modules and self-assessment tools:

 SESEC Platform (English)Brochure

 Πлатформа на SESEC (Български), Брошура

 SESEC-Plattform (Deutsch), Broschüre

 Piattaforma di SESEC (Italiano), Brochure

 Plataforma do SESEC (Português), Brochura

 Platforma a proiectului SESEC (Română), Brochura

 SESEC platforma (Lietuvių), Brochura

 SESEC platform (Hrvatska), Brochura