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Fost Plus - PreventPack

All sectors, Waste management and recycling
Guides, handbooks, information material
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SME, Large company
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PreventPack is a range of tools, services, and advice on green packaging, recyclability, ecodesign and more.

Catalogue of best practices and advice

Examples of how to optimise packaging, together with best practices, on the publications web-page and sent to people who subscribe to the newsletter. Confidential advice on packaging recyclability tailored to individual needs. To contact Fost Plus for advice or to request a paper version of the catalogue send an e-mail to [email protected].

CO2 certificates

A CO2 certificate can be sent to Fost Plus members. The certificate lists the amount of CO2 emissions saved by recycling their packaging. Send certificate requests to [email protected].

Ecodesign tool

An online tool to conduct simple life cycle analysis (LCA) on various packaging solutions, showing their environmental impact in terms of water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions, along with ways of reducing these impacts. An expert version with more specific functionality is also available. Fost Plus members benefit from preferential rates. For more details, go to

Film on packaging

friendly and informative film about packaging. For a copy of the DVD, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Greener Packaging Award

Awarded by a panel of experts, highlighting household packaging solutions which reduce the environmental footprint of the packaged article. For more details, go to

Newsletter on packaging prevention

Three times a year, Fost Plus publishes the PreventPack newsletter dedicated to packaging prevention. Along with presenting a host of ideas, this magazine offers a company the opportunity of showcasing its successes and achievements. Subscription to PreventPack (available either online or on paper) is free of charge and back issues can also be downloaded.

On-site packaging check-up

Need specific advice on ways of preventing packaging? Fost Plus can send round an expert to check the situation. The results of this check-up can be put towards improved packaging and eco-design measures. For more details, send an email to [email protected].

Packaging exhibition

An exhibition tailored to all audiences, Packstory shows how packaging has developed over the years, its functions and its role in society. Highly visual, interactive, fun yet informative, the exhibition is regularly on the road and sometimes made available to local authorities or companies. A virtual visit is also possible at


A large number of fact sheets and brochures on packaging trends and the prevention and optimisation of packaging are available on the Fost Plus publication page.

Testing packaging recyclability

Unsure whether a particular packaging can be recycled? Take a look at to find out about what happens to packaging in terms of recycling, including information on recyclability criteria and advice on optimisation.

Workshops and visits

Fost Plus can contribute to/take part in ecodesign and recyclability workshops in companies and organise visits to waste sorting centres. For more information, send an e-mail to [email protected].