Support programme

Funding waste heat extraction

All sectors
Financial support
Target group:
All types of companies and organisations
Where is this support available:

Funding is available for waste heat extraction installation from industrial and commercial processes. Actions covered include:

  • The feed-in of waste heat into existing or new local and district heating networks via transport line and distribution centre 
  • Distribution grids with transfer stations 
  • Heat pumps for raising the core temperature of waste heat for heating purposes 
  • Low-temperature or power grids with consumer-side heat pumps to harness the waste heat 

Examples of eligible installations (parts): 

  • Decoupling system with heat exchanger 
  • District heating pipes (transport line) and distribution centre 
  • Distribution network with transfer stations 
  • Centralised and decentralised heat pumps for increasing temperature 

In addition to the plant and parts, planning and installation are recognised as eligible costs.