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Inventory of construction materials

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SME, Large company, All types of companies and organisations
Materials, Waste
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The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), in collaboration with the Environment Agency, has developed an inventory model for construction materials, as well as a guide for taking inventory of materials for building being demolished/disassembled.

Drafting an inventory using the template and guide improves resource planning and helps managers envisage potential separation and collection of waste and used materials in situ during de-construction, thus ehlping to meet their legal obligations. The amended law of 21 March 2012 pertaining to waste requires such an inventory of construction materials ahead of disassembly to be drafted.   

The process offers many environmental and financial advantages, including:

  • Recycling materials instead of discarding them
  • More effective management of resources and waste
  • Possible re-use or recycling of materials thanks to optimised sorting at the time of deconstruction
  • Better planning of deconstruction and reduction of unplanned risks at the time of demolition

The process also offers a technical framework for public procurement with more complete, high-quality information at submission stage helping evaluators calculate and better compare deconstruction offers.