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Investment aid for high-efficiency cogeneration

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In collaboration with the Energy and Water Agency (E&WA), Malta Enterprise is helping to promote investment in high-efficiency cogeneration equipment; energy efficient solutions that simultaneously generate thermal energy and electrical and/or mechanical energy, with a calculated primary energy savings rate (PESR) of at least 10 % compared with the references for separate production of heat and electricity.

A number of investment types are eligible under the programme:

  • New equipment fitted with existing energy transformation equipment resulting in a high-efficiency cogeneration process 
  • New equipment classified as a high-efficiency cogeneration process 
  • Upgrade to existing cogeneration equipment, making it a high-efficiency cogeneration process 
  • Upgrade to existing high-efficiency cogeneration process, improving its efficiency levels

Support is provided in the form of a tax credit. The investment must be of at least € 15 000, and the aid intensity depends on the size of the company (for small enterprises, it can be as high as 65 % of eligible costs, for medium enterprises, up to 55 % of eligible costs, and for large companies, 45 %). The scheme is applicable until 1 March 2019.