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Micro Grants for SMEs from KET4CleanProduction

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This programme is an SME financial support instrument managed under the KET4CleanProduction initiative of the European Commission. 

Micro Grants are offered for transnational cooperation projects between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and minimum 2 KET technology centres (KET TCs), which aim to integrate key enabling technologies (KET) to solve clean production challenges. Focus is on upgrading production processes.

Manufacturing SMEs aiming at integrating multi-KET procedures including innovative advanced manufacturing technologies for clean production into their production process are invited to submit their technology request to this web-platform and apply for a micro grant.  

The focus of the micro grants is to support transnational projects between SMEs and KET TCs that focus on integrating key enabling technologies to upgrade production processes towards cleaner production. This covers measure such as:

  • the reduction of energy, materials and water consumption, waste generation and emissions,
  • the use and re-use of recovered and recycled materials, biomass and/or other renewable inputs,
  • the making of modular products and easier disassembly and separation, or
  • process control technologies and other related topics.

The application submission is open throughout the year, but the evaluation of applications takes place every three months.


About KET4CleanProduction

The EU-funded project KET4CleanProduction (KET4CP) sets its strategic objectives on helping SMEs to solve their clean production challenges and - as a result - to stay sustainable, innovative and competitive. By encouraging the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies (KETs) their production processes suppose to upgrade towards a more energy- and material- efficient state. To achieve this, the project aims to create an open innovation ecosystem with a one-stop access platform for cross-border innovation services for manufacturing SMEs through a network of superior ”KETs Technology Centres” (KET TCs) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners. This will be achieved by facilitating SMEs connectivity to KET TCs through joint project proposals for micro grants.