Support programme

Net-Billing for PV, Biomass and CHP

All sectors
Energy and material audit, Financial support
2000 - present
Target group:
All types of companies and organisations
Energy, Carbon
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Net-Billing for PV and Biomass is a programme related to the installation of PV systems or biomass electricity systems in buildings (including commercial and industrial buildings) for the purpose of generating electricity for own use.

The installed capacity for each RES system can range from 10 kW to 10 MW per installation. The maximum power of each RES system cannot exceed 80% of the installed capacity except the occasions where a storage system would be installed. Where the cost of exported electricity does not exceed the cost of imported electricity then the consumer will pay the difference resulting from the offsetting the cost of exported and imported electricity for each time of the billing period. It means in case where the cost of the exported electricity exceeds the cost of imported electricity the surplus amount will be credited for the next billing period.)

Installation of CHP Units (combined heat and power) can also be included. The total power allocated for this scheme is max. 20 MW.