Support programme

Resource-potential certification for reverse production

Waste management and recycling
Energy and material audit
Target group:
SME, Large company, All types of companies and organisations
Materials, Waste
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De-manufacturing plants are traditionally evaluated on the basis of recycling and reuse rates. This approach takes into account only the input flows in a recycling process, so recycling rates of >90 % are the rule rather than the exception.  As a result of this and the resource strategy of the European Union and its Member States, SuperDrecksKëscht® has developed a concept that takes the idea of resource efficiency fully into account. 

The resource-potential certification of de-manufacturing plants meets the requirements of the ISO 14024 standard covering the transparent and verifiable product-related evaluation of treatment, recycling and disposal plants. The use of this resource indicator puts de-manufacturing plants in a position to show the actual volumes of recovered raw materials and the proportion used for energy generation and hence revealing the potential to save primary resources. Both the input and output flows are taken into account in the calculation in the course of resource-potential certification.