Support programme

Restructuring Offensive 2018

All sectors
Consultancy/one to one consultations
Target group:
All types of companies and organisations
Where is this support available:

A programme targeting comprehensive restoration work to improve building energy efficiency. Funding for thermal insulation and renovation work on buildings used for business/operations is available to all companies and other entrepreneurial organisations, clubs and religious institutions. Improvements need to outperform the requirements of OIB Directive (Guideline 6) or to reduce the heating requirement by more than 50 % compared with the building's original (unrenovated) condition. The date of the first recorded building permit must be before 1 January1998. 

Examples of additional eligible projects (works): 

  • Renovation or replacement of windows and exterior doors
  • Heat recovery in ventilation systems
  • Construction of a building-integrated photovoltaic system for excess power with a peak power from 5 kW (implemented in the course of thermal renovation)
  • Exterior shading systems to reduce the cooling requirements of the building

Costs for planning (e.g. energy pass), construction supervision and site overhead costs are also recognised as eligible costs. For the conversion of a fossil-fuel heating system to a climate-friendly one, there is a bonus of € 5 000. The funding depends on the quality of the renovation, up to 30 % of the eligible costs.