Support programme

Slovenian Environmental Public Fund

All sectors
Financial support
2001 - present
Target group:
SME, Large company, All types of companies and organisations
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste, Carbon
Where is this support available:

Slovenian Environmental Public Fund's (Eco Fund) main purpose is to promote development in the field of environmental protection. It is the only specialised institution in Slovenia that provides financial supports for environmental projects.

The financial assistance is offered primarily in the form of soft loans from revolving funds and since 2008 also through grants. In comparison with commercial banks, Eco Fund provides soft loans at more favourable interest rates and is able to lend for significantly longer period.

For private sector, the Eco Fund offers financial incentives in the form of favourable loans for various investments in all areas of environmental protection and grants for electric vehicles, housing renovation and energy audits.

The financial resources for Eco Fund's grants are gathered under the Regulation on energy savings ensured to final customers. The following international financing institutions have been involved in co-financing Eco Fund’s activities:

  • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
  • EC Phare
  • European Investment Bank (EIB)