Support programme

UCM - Cellule eco-conception

Food processing, Hotel and restaurant, Service sector, Textile and clothing, Timber and woodworking, Wholesale and retail
Awareness raising, Best practices, Consultancy/one to one consultations, Ecodesign, Mentoring and Coaching, Networking, Training
2007 - present
Target group:
Energy, Materials, Water, Waste, Carbon
Where is this support available:

UCM is the main French-speaking employers’ organisation in Belgium, involved in defending the self-employed and business leaders. UCM offers a diverse range of services to SMEs, from business development to HR management and social services. Ten years ago, they created an eco-design unit, which accompanies businesses in incorporating ecodesign in their processes. They are mainly active in Brussels region, and in Wallonia. They offer three types of support:

  • "Pre-diagnostic" with existing companies: a one-off consultancy service to help companies find solution to save resources and improve their offer;
  • Nine-month programme to convert to Product Service System (functional sales): entrepeneurs are helped to completely redesign and set up their business model;
  • Development of support programmes at sectorial level, working with trade associations.

Over the past decade, they helped more than 100 companies: check their website for examples and more information!