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Shielding gas prevents food spoilage

Food processing
Investment cost:
Medium cost
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Minimal maintenance costs due to absence of vacuum pumps.
Resource saving:
Improved environmental performance by reducing spoilage and waste.

Food packed in ordinary plastic and cling film only remains edible for a few days in storage. The poor shelf-life of packed foods means extra costs, especially for catering kitchens that produce high volumes of food for different customers.

There are better alternatives for slowing down food spoiling. Packaging which uses something called 'shielding gas' keeps food products fresh and attractive, and maintains high quality. It also helps to reduce the use of additives and preservatives in food. Shielding gas packaging reduces the growth of bacteria and mildew, the oxidisation of grease, and vitamin evaporation. Processed food is prepared, packed in a box and cooled, after which shielding gas is introduced in the box. Shielding gas packaging can be used in kitchens that deliver/transport food to a broad clientele. This provides customers with fresh, high-quality food. The producer of the food can prepare it more cost-efficiently when the food keeps longer.


  • Increased sales by satisfying the growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products
  • Extend shelf-life without chemicals or freezing

  • Increase shelf-life in the distribution chain by days or even weeks

  • Retain taste, texture, and appearance; suited to a wide range of foodstuffs – from meats and fish to salads or even non-food items

  • Enhance production and distribution efficiency by cutting costs

  • Minimal maintenance costs due to absence of vacuum pumps

  • Improved environmental performance by reducing spoilage and waste


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