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Precise adjustment of compressed air saves money

Precise adjustment of compressed air saves money
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Step-by-step optimisation delivers immediate results

  • Experts advised the company to gradually scale back air pressure
  • The new optimised pressure saves € 2 700 per year

The German company Fischer Surface Technologies GmbH is specialised in electroplating plastic components with, for example, layers of copper, nickel, chrome or special functional layers. Among others, the company processes components for the automotive industry.

A lot of processes in the production line require compressed air, which is quite energy-intensive and thus costly. As part of an expert consultation, it was noticed that the pressure of the compressed air was really far too high, and constant. A careful scaling back of the working pressure over a period of time was recommended to avoid any damage to the pneumatic tools.

Key benefits

After step-by-step optimisation of the compressed air in line with demand, the pressure could be reduced by one bar in total. This measure led to an immediate energy saving of 5-6 %, which results in cost savings of € 2 700 per year, with no additional investment costs.

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