Online reuse platform, Globechain

Online reuse platform, Globechain
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All sectors, Construction, Office and administration, Service sector, Wholesale and retail
Investment cost:
Low cost
Cost savings:
20 - 30%
Resource type:
Reuse platform
Maintenance cost:
Investment cost:
0 - 11€ / Listing is a fee-paying service, but collecting and reusing is free for members via the online platform

Globechain is an online reuse platform in Europe, a so-called “free-cycle for corporates”. It allows companies and charities to claim unwanted items from the retail, commercial and construction sectors. Globechain can provide all the legislative information necessary for these transactions and, using a unique digital platform, creates a robust social impact waste audit trail. 

The platform has over 1 000 registered members worldwide and has worked with some 10 000 charities, 700 stores, and 14 hospitals. A large percentage of its clients are SMEs. Over 5 000 kilos of equipment has already been reused.

To add and upload items, members pay a listing fee which can either be a pay-as-you-go charge of € 11 (~£ 10, excluding VAT) per upload, an annual subscription for unlimited listings, or bespoke arrangements.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

  • Using the website, unwanted items can be easily registered for collection/reuse
  • Intelligent software helps users search for items in their area, region or nationally
  • The platform connects members who are either donating or collecting the items, to arrange a suitable time and place for exchange
  • Members collecting are asked to fill in feedback forms every third collection, to provide social, environmental and economic impact data for both parties
  • Reports are generated showcasing the interaction/exchange taking place on the platform

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